Depends on distance, service type, & volume. Expect ₹5k-₹30k+. Contact us for detailed pricing.

Hiring can be cost-effective for long distances & large loads.

Compare prices, reviews, insurance coverage, & experience.

 Varies, check for transit & damage protection options.

Not necessary, but recommended for supervision & key handover.

Report immediately and follow company claims procedure.

Declutter, clean, disconnect appliances, prepare furniture for disassembly.

ID proof, address proof, packing list, any specific instructions.

4-6 weeks recommended for peak seasons, 2-3 weeks for off-seasons.

Sturdy boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape and  labels are the required and recommended packing materials.

Wrap in bubble wrap/packing paper, use sturdy boxes, label as “fragile”.

Room name, box content, “fragile” if needed.

Check with company, usually best to let them handle it.

 Disassemble if possible, label clearly, inform company beforehand.

Yes, use sturdy boxes & familiar items to minimize stress.

October-March, cooler weather & lower peak season rates.

Inform old providers of disconnect date, contact new providers for connection.

Update address with bank, post office, government departments, etc.

Coordinate with company, consider early morning or late evening moves.

Documents, medications, toiletries, change of clothes, snacks, phone charger etc should be packed and keep with you for easy access incase of emergency.

Consider traffic during move, inform local authorities/neighbors if needed.

Depends on distance, vehicle type, & chosen service. Expect ₹5k-₹20k+.

 Research customs regulations, obtain necessary documentation, choose experienced international mover like Transworld Packers and Movers.